Unique covers that emphasize your style!

We design covers that attract attention

With us, your yacht will not only receive excellent protection, but will also gain a unique character thanks to our exclusive covers, which are filled with passion and attention to every detail.

Your yacht is our passion!

Individual design

We have already been trusted by many yacht owners who value our unique approach to design and individual approach to the needs of each client. Join them and make your yacht stand out at sea not only with its efficiency, but also with the unique design of the cover, created especially for you by our team.

Protection and perfection in one

Exclusive covers

Our work is a combination of precision in design and craftsmanship in sewing, which means that our covers not only protect yachts against weather conditions, but also give them a unique style and elegance.

We design durable and stylish yacht covers

Yacht Covers

Welcome to the website dedicated to designing and sewing exclusive yacht covers! We are a team of talented designers and tailors who are passionate about creating products of the highest quality and perfect fit.

Why is it worth choosing us?

We cooperate with the largest suppliers of materials

We offer the latest fabrics and technological solutions. We are always open to the needs of our clients, and our contractor’s satisfaction is our priority. Thanks to our experience on small yachts, but also on super motor and sailing yachts over 30 meters long, we can tailor a solution for everyone.

Other covers

Whether they are used to protect our electronic devices, store books or add a personal touch to our furniture, covers are irreplaceable.

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Upholstery for a yacht

For many, going on a journey across the waters is a dream of freedom and luxury. Yachts symbolize exclusivity and comfort, and the upholstery on board plays a key role in ensuring comfort and aesthetics.

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Covers for the yacht

We are specialists in making covers for motor and sailing yachts. We are open to any project, even the most unusual. See our projects.

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Our projects

We not only care about the protection of your yacht, but also about its aesthetic appearance and comfort of use. Our covers are easy to install and remove, making them easier to use.

We are not afraid of challenges!

We design to order

Do you need a cover with unusual dimensions or additional functionalities? We are ready to meet your requirements!

Yacht Covers

Why us?

  • Perfect protection
    Well-designed covers and upholstery can provide this protection, which is crucial to maintaining the value and appearance of your yacht.
  • Creativity
    We offer personalized solutions that suit individual tastes and aesthetic preferences.
  • Innovations
    We experiment with new materials that are durable, easy to clean and resistant to marine conditions, which allows us to offer the latest technical solutions.
  • An innovative approach
    Designing yacht covers and upholstery requires taking into account the design challenges associated with different shapes and sizes of yachts. With us it's included in the price.
  • Reliability and professionalism
    As experienced designers, we know how important it is that your boat is in the best hands.
  • Luxury at your fingertips
    Your boat is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Therefore, our luxurious designs of covers and upholstery are the perfect complement to the prestige that your ship represents.
  • Confidence
    Thanks to our solutions, you will be able to enjoy your investment for many years, without worrying about its condition and appearance.
  • Comfort
    Our covers and upholstery designs will provide not only you, but also your guests with maximum comfort and convenience, while emphasizing the unique character of your yacht.