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was founded to respond to needs of Clients looking for a manufacturer of yacht covers and upholstery. The Company was created by a passion-driven group of friends – expert craftsmen.


Our Team

is made up of experienced cutters, measurement and cover design technicians and most of all of really excellent trimmers. Our entire team has a long-standing experience, gained while working for the biggest companies in the yacht cover industry. We also rely on our extensive qualifications, and  hence we are able to offer yacht covers and upholstery manufactured to the highest quality.


We co-operate with the largest material suppliers,

and thus we can provide the latest fabrics and technological solutions. We have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our Clients, and their satisfaction is our number one priority. Thanks to our extensive experience ranging from small yachts and dinghies to 30m (100ft) long super motor and sailing yachts we can work out a solution for everyone.


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Our goal is customer satisfaction, to keep you coming back for more.